July 2021

Call for Community Ambassadors!

We hope you are all keeping well in these trying times.

As you know Dundrum 2030 and UCD are currently working with Airfield and a number of local businesses and organisations on a sustainability (SDG) mapping project that you may like to get involved in.

The ‘Community SDG Dashboard – Measuring Sustainable Actions at Community Level’ is an academic-community partnership between the Dundrum 2030 community group and the UCD Earth Institute fostering social engagement for monitoring local progress towards achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which can feed into national sustainability reporting as currently undertaken by the Government of Ireland – see: https://irelandsdg.geohive.ie

The achievement of SDGs relies on the implementation of local actions. Therefore, it is important that sustainability reporting considers local efforts. In this context, the ‘Community SDG Dashboard’ project aims to develop an online user-friendly and interactive mapping interface that enables visualisation and interrogation of local data and information to track progress towards sustainability. This interface, or ‘dashboard’, will provide finer detail and capture local initiatives and actions currently missing in national reporting mechanisms. As the mapping interface relies on local data collected by local volunteers, we are currently looking for volunteers to drive such data collection efforts and thus showcase how local initiatives/projects are making difference for a healthier, greener and cleaner future.

Why become a Community SDG Ambassador

Community SDG Ambassadors will champion sustainability awareness and efforts within the community. This role will help you:

  • realize your vision for a sustainable future;
  • establish valuable connections within the community;
  • upskill in data collection, mapping and interpretation; and
  • drive local efforts to position the environment at the centre of decision-making.

Role and responsibilities

The main role of the Community SDG Ambassador is to be a mentor and colleague to those in the community with an interest in sustainability, with each Ambassador leading an SDG. The Ambassadors will become members of the Dundrum 2030 Community Group and will liaise with group members to drive local efforts towards sustainability. This will include:

  • Participating in a training workshop on data collection. The ‘Community SDG Dashboard’ project team will deliver a bespoke training workshop for the SDG ambassadors on data collection and community engagement in late September 2021. This training will give you the knowledge and skills to collect local data and inform the mapping of indicators to monitor progress towards sustainability.
  • Mentoring and training others. As the network of volunteers expands, the Ambassadors will deliver very short training workshops to teach others how to meaningfully collect data and information.
  • Spreading the word on sustainability initiatives within the community to continue to build connections and foster action within the Dundrum area – letting community members know about the initiatives you are aware of and letting Dundrum2030 know about initiatives you are told about.
  • Engaging in community events run by the Dundrum2030 as relevant to you.

As it is a voluntary role, you can be part of it for as long as you wish. We do however request an initial commitment of one year in order to optimise your capacity-building and to make your contribution to the community as meaningful as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you – please contact us with your details.