Vol 1, Issue 1

Covid 19

Dundrum2030 has been involved in connecting our network, now involved in helping keep up morale and work with local community.

It can be a hard time to keep motivated, but you will find some easy ways to get involved with sustainability in the community below:

  • Join the Dundrum2030 network
  • Sign up to the air pollution and traffic monitoring project and do some citizen science!
  • Get involved in food waste reduction
  • Learn more about Sustainable Energy Communities

New Website for Dundrum2030

Dundrum2030 has a new website! This website educates and informs about the SDGs and the work of Dundrum 2030 and has a sign up area for new network members.

Sign your family, business, school or community group up to our network at

Dundrum is Regional Winner at National Enterprise Town Awards

In December 2019, Dundrum2030 was honoured to be part of the Dundrum Team that was the winner of the National Enterprise Town Awards (Regional Award, Category3) The team included representatives from Airfield, DLR County Council Community Development Dundrum2030, Dundrum Town Centre, Imagine Dundrum, Men’s Sheds and local historian, John Lennon. The committee was supported by Bank of Ireland manager, Helen Coffey and many local businesses and community organisations.


Air pollution and traffic monitors for Dundrum

Dundrum 2030 has teamed up with UCD to undertake a study of air pollution and traffic in the Dundrum area.

The UCD researchers will collect and collate the air pollution and traffic data to show the air quality in the Dundrum area.

We need lots of citizen scientists to place a small monitor on their window so that we can get as much data about Dundrum as possible.

A webinar will be held in November – sign up to attend at

For more information or if you are ready to sign up:

Dundrum 2030 and UCD creating a Community SDG Dashboard

Dundrum2030 has teamed up with UCD Geography and secured funding through the UCD Earth Institute to create the first of its kind interactive map to monitor progress towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals at a local level, focusing on sustainable development projects in the Dundrum area. This project will help the Dundrum community to network, build capacity and track the progress on sustainability indicators from 2020-2030.Networking residents associations and businesses to get Sustainable Energy Communities established in area

Sustainable Energy Communities

Dundrum 2030 hosted the first meeting with SEAI Sustainable Energy Communities Mentor, Gavin Harte in August.

There are a number of Resident’s Associations interested in joining together to create a sustainable energy community. To learn more about SECs, see our website or if you want to get involved, email

Food Waste Pilot Project

The Airfield Food Waste Project, in conjunction with Dundrum 2030 will begin shortly. Look out for updates in the next newsletter! This project will help residents to reduce their waste with practical classes and workshops. If you would like to learn more, email

Join Our Network!

Dundrum 2030 is aiming to network everyone working on sustainability in Dundrum.

It’s free to join and easy to get involved in any of our initiatives.

Let us know about your sustainable projects and we can help you grow your project and network you with others in Dundrum working on similar things.

We are currently on a recruitment drive to network the community and learn about all the sustainable, development projects already taking place in the area in heritage, waste reduction, gender equality, poverty reduction, diversity, education, energy reduction and technology initiatives.

When we work together, we can share our learning and get things done!

Coming in 2021

Dundrum2030 hopes to facilitate and drive SDG initiatives in 2021.

We are planning a food waste project for local families with Airfield Estate, a pollinator project and workshops and a warm homes initiative for vulnerable residents.

Contact Us!

Contact: Lyn Hagin Meade, Steering Group Chair

Telephone: 0868972010


Address: Dundrum TwentyThirty, Airfield, Dundrum D14 EE77, Ireland